Friday, May 23, 2008

Well, tis Friday yet again, and I've finally thought of something that may* be fun to play.
I have played this a long while ago, but with a different object, and the object of the game is to take an ordinary household object - say, a teaspoon, and think of more different uses for it than just stirring tea or measuring sugar, for example:

Use to flick peas at other people.
Nose scratcher.
Eyeball remover.
Dig a big hole very, very slowly.
Put between two bricks in the garden to make a bridge for ants.

And so on and so forth, you get the idea?

Excellent, because today's 'Ordinary Household Object' for you to put your thinking caps on for is
Quack chat
A Rubber Duck!

Over to you, I'm sure you can think up more intersting things to do with one other than put in the bath, so off you go, and have a fabulous weekend as well, akay?

*Or may not.