Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Well, this Double Entendre day finds me exhausted. I've been up all night in bed, pandering to a chap who if he hadn't stolen my heart would have been kicked out of said bed at about 1am.
Instead, I was woken up so many times I lost count as he needed reassurance that I was still there and still wanted to cuddle him.

Yep, for those of you who missed yesterday's post, Fred's back for a couple of days, yay!
This morning, I was woken up by a kiss on my nose.
And as long as I don't get as much excitement as last night, we should be fine.
The excitement happened before we went to bed though, and it was a friend of mine who goes by the name Mr de Sade that was to blame.
Mr de Sade is also staying for a while due to circumstances weird and wonderful, and when he
arrived yesterday I introduced him to Fred, and told him that under no circumstances was he to allow Fred out of the house as a) he's not mine, and his owner doesn't want him going out, and b) Fred doesn't know the area and could get lost, or worse.
Guess what happened?
In Mr de Sade's defence he said 'I only opened the front door for a second, that's when he must have got out!'
After I detailed the list of things that would happen to Mr de Sade if he didn't get the cat back, he went to look for him.
He was still looking an hour or so later when to my joy, Fred nonchalantly wandered back to the front door.
I sccoped him up for a cuddle before making sure the all doors were thoroughly closed and locked.
And today, despite my lack of spleep and being covered in cat fur, I'm still very happy to have him here. Even though he keeps trying to help me type, which makes my writing LKolkk likkkkkkkkkke thississss.

So that's today's news, and keeping in the kitteh theme, your photo for today's Caption Competition is -

Plz to get stuck in; there's a tuna treat going for every entry, and a sniff of some catnip going should I get me another 69.

Oh, and if anybody sees Mr de Sade, tell him he can come back now, akay?