Thursday, May 29, 2008

To quote the late, great Spike Milligan, "See? I told you I was ill!"

Akay so I'm not dead, but I've found out why I've been feeling so bloody awful for the last feck knows how long.
It feels like at least a year since I've been constantly achy all over, with bad bouts of acute pain in my back, hips, legs, arms and neck which has on occasion left me nearly unable to move.
The pain's been so horrible it's stopped me spleeping, or rather it's kept me awake as even lying on a comfy mattress has been painful, and even now I've had to have an extra fluppy blanket in bed as well as the duvet as I'm nearly constantly cold.
Some days just typing has been enough to set off cramps in my hands, arms and back, which really aren't much fun at all.
Because I've been spleep deprived my depression has got worse, and some days it's been all I can do to get out of bed and face the world.
I've lost over two stone in weight during the last year and been fed up with being constantly told 'Ooh, did you know you've lost a lot of weight?' My stockpile answer to that has been 'Really? I wondered why my jeans kept falling down and my clothes were too big'
Honestly, the only thing that's kept me going has been you lot, this blog and my flickr.
But now, thanks to some blood tests I've found out why I've been feeling so shit bloody awful.

Vitamin D deficiency. As simple as that.

I'm not sure how I developed it as I try to get out in the sun as much as possible, not that there's been much sun here for ages, and I love eggs, fish and other stuff with the vitamin in it, but somehow I's a gotten it.
The treatment for it is a pill a day containing Vitamin D, simple as that, although the best thing for me would be to go somewhere hot and sunny and eat plenty of fresh fish, and other yummy stuff for at least a week, but alas, holidays in Spain or Portugal aren't available on the NHS.
I don't suppose anybody's got a spare villa in the Algarve I could stay in for a while, or the odd couple of hundred pounds for a cheapo package holiday have they? If so, I'd be eternally grateful!
I doubt that's going to happen, so I'll carry on taking the tablets and see what happens.
I am relived it's nothing more horrible though, I'm sure you know what it's like waiting for blood test results, and if you're anything like me you tend to imagine the worst.
But yay! I'm alive, woohoo!
It's only day two of the tablets and they haven't worked yet, so I'm going to sign off for now and go hunt down some fish from somewhere. It's sunny outside and I'm under doctors orders to go out and sit in the sun, hurrah!

ttfn, and thanks for sticking by me when I've done crappy posts.