Thursday, May 08, 2008

Recently while I've been watching the goggle-box, my attention has been caught by advertisements. Not because they are exciting or very well done, or even funny, but mainly because of how crass they are.
The first that makes me want to scream at the telly is for a well-known brand of washing machine protector in which a washing machine repair man explains to a woman in a very patronizing tone that she really should have used the product, as if she did, she wouldn't have all the nasty limescale ravaging her machine, and thus wouldn't have had to call him out!
Excellent! Makes me want to buy the stuff as I want to put the patronizing git out of business, and if one simple tablet makes for not having to call him out, job done!.
But the real winner for 'Stupid Advert of the Month' is for a famous cereal product.
Featured in the advert are a family of five; mum, dad, older boy, stroppy teenage girl, and small child which I can't say I've paid much attention to.
First up is the mother who tells the world that she eats her two cereal blocks a day with bananas as she's training for a marathon, then proceeds to lock herself out of the house.
Firstborn son the explains that his two cereal blocks a day keep away the hunger pangs until lunchtime which means that he can play his drums better and longer.
Stroppy teenage girl then mumbles that she eats her two a day with skimmed milk and nothing else, then there's a shot of mum feeding the other child two blocks with fruit as part of it's '5 a Day'
Then the dad comes along and says that he (being the man of the house and bigger and better than everybody else) eats not two blocks a day, but three!
At this revelation the mother laughs and says cheerfully, 'No wonder I have to buy a packet of 48 a week!'
The family then laugh and smile as the advert fades out to the accompaniment of a cheery muzak jingle.
Now, I didn't manage to get an A level in maths but...
Five people in the family, four of which eat two blocks per day, seven days a week, calls for fifty-six blocks of cereal, and the dad eats three per day of the stuff which makes for another twenty-one. Add them together and as far as I can make out, adds up to seventy-seven blocks of the stuff.
So, how the fupp does the mother manage to make a packet of 48 last a whole week?
Answers on a postcard/via carrier pigeon/in the comments box, please.
And while you're down there, are there any adverts that get you snarling?