Thursday, May 01, 2008


I've said this before, and I'll say this again.
To all persons who should know how to use and speak the English language correctly, please bloody do so!
Time after time in magazines* I read a very common mistake being along the lines of 'Me and my mum went to the bingo'. The correct way of saying this is 'My mum and I went to the bingo'. The way to understand this is that if you use the singular, you would not say 'Me went to the bingo', but 'I went to the bingo', unless of course you have the IQ of a pilchard.
Other times I have seen photos with the caption reading 'My boyfriend and I'. Again, no, as you would not show another person a photo and say 'That is I in the photo' would you? Well maybe you would, but it's wrong.
Another error I commonly hear is news reporters saying things along the lines of 'There's lots of people here'. Again, you are using the singular instead of the plural as the sentence should be 'There are lots of people here', eg: There is one pencil on the table, there are two pencils on the table.
And another misuse is to say things such as 'She's much more cheerfuller now'. It makes no sense. Just say 'She is more cheerful now', others will understand.
I'm not going to start about the use of 'Americanisms' that are being bandied about such as 'They got burglarized' or 'I was hospitalized', I will just say don't. Unless you are American, then I don't care.
And I will now end this rant on a personal message to Esther Rantzen, a woman who is allegedly a journalist and television presenter and therefore really should know better, who I heard on television recently say "Hopefully, people will get pleasanter"
Please write out 100 times, 'I will not make stupid mistakes when I speak in future'.
Thank you.


*I call them 'comics'.