Friday, May 16, 2008

Hoorah, it's F-f-f-f-riday again! And I hope this one finds you having more fun that I've had today*
Once again, I've been racking my brain trying to think up ways to entertain you, and spent ages on t'intermanet searching for games and so.
Something you can do if you're totally bored, is to put your name followed by the word 'did' into a search engine and see what comes up, eg:

Misty did say, “And I promise not to peek”. “But I will win!” The cat chimed in
What did Misty do that was so great? She had a head start on May in the first place since she was a Gym Leader, yet she still seemed fairly weak throughout
Obviously, cats do not "multiply" as quickly as Misty did, nor as prolifically, but the statistics are very real
Did Misty’s activity constitute “gross and willful misconduct?”
I must say Misty did a fabulous job. I really love her work, if any of you need a photographer she is great
Anyway, even if they did bring Misty back, it's not like all those "lost fans" will magically start watching the show as if nothing's happened
Misty did not even turn a hundred eighty degrees to go back to her friends but only ninety degrees and stared dumbfounded at her discovery in front of her
The dispatcher asked for her address, but unfortunately Misty did not know it. At this point, Misty fell again. Her long hair became twisted around James'
Misty did roam on some of this land, possibly with her three foals,'' Giusti said.
At this time, Misty noticed that the salamanders and frogs in the south windowsill were all in a pile. Previously they were lined up.
Misty did wonders for my hair. Unfortunately, I was a little drunk and fell asleep during my cut. Sorry Misty. I'll be more composed next time!
She squeaked and chirped at Misty who did her own display of "excited but shy."
31 Mar 2008 ... Uh,,Misty,,did your psychotherapist inform you of the dangers of doing to others what you don't want done to you?
Misty did behave better last night though, we kept her out again, and she spent the night mostly curled up in bed with us without causing any problems
The person above me said that the bible says "don't take things into your own hands" WHAT DO YOU THINK MISTY DID! She put the gun in her hands and shot.

I think it's fun, each sentence a little bit of a story yet to tell! But then again, I'm easily pleased, so tell me what comes up on your search.

Moving rapidly onto games, those of you who enjoy bowling will prolly enjoy this, mini-golf fans might fancy playing a round here, or for something a tad different you can try colonizing your very own island here! Oh, and I nearly forgot, Poke a Duck.

If you fancy something a bit more creative, why not try making your own crosswords, start a rock band, build a city or roller coaster, or even make your own games.

If you're into photography and ducks, you're guaranteed** hours of fun by joining a new Flickr pool wot I started, which is 'A Duck a Day (or 365 Ducks)' All you need is at least one duck, yourself and a camera. Go on, join up. You know you want to go to the Duck Side...

And that's about it for today. All that's left is another Spot the Difference Competition, your pix for which are below. I will give a clue for foreign readers and those who don't know much about 'celebs' who are famous just for being 'famous' - one of them is someone called Kerry Katona***

If you're completely stuck, you could always start a game of Mornington Crescent. In fact why not? Yeah, we haven't played that in a while so I'll start, see you in the comments box!

And so on that note I shall say tootles, and hope you all have a wonderful, fab and groovy weekend!

*Doctors appointment, followed by a trip to hostipal to get stabbed in the arm. Gah.
**Guarantee only applies if you're easily entertained by things such as photography and duck, mostly of the rubber variety.
***If anybody can tell me why she's famous, please do as I haven't a clue.