Monday, May 19, 2008

Hello my lovelies, and a Happy Monday to you all!
Today finds me in a cheery mood, as a few minutes ago the postman bought me a pressie, woohoo! Well, the pressie wasn't from the postman, he just delivered it; the pressie was in fact from one of my lovely readers of both this and my Flickr*, and is this really sweet little ducky brooch -

Totally fab, and ever so the height of fashion. Well, it will be the height of fashion as soon as I wear it out, trust me.
I do love it when unexpected niceties turn up, thanks again 'C', you've made my day! X

And while I'm here it gives me the opportunity to give you your choices for tomorrow's entertainment, being -


Over to you, and choose wisely mes petit aubergines, and I hope today brings you happiness too!

*Do people read Flickr, or do they just look at the pictures?