Thursday, May 22, 2008

And so another day, another load of hours not being able to get online. Grr.
But after I set the ex-partner-in-crime onto the ISP provider people, we've had an apology and an assurance that if it happens again, we're definitely getting some money back.
That doesn't really help when I can get in touch with my friends, check my emails, and most importantly try to entertain you lot, but it's something at least.

Anyway, today (as I couldn't play indoors) I took advantage of a free bus pass and trundled up to the bright lights of Ealing Broadway. I had a couple of objectives in mind, the first being make-up, the second ducks, and while I was near a supermarket I planned to do a little food shopping.
I decided on the make-up as I'd heard that a good thing to help lift depression is to think of something you haven't done in a long while, that you like and possibly makes you feel better. After asking a couple of chums where they bought their slap, off to the stores of Ealing I went.
The first shop I tried had almost what I wanted, but it wasn't 'perfect' and it also cost a wopping £17.50 for a tiny pot of eyeshadow. The next place I went to wasn't much better; they had exactly what I wanted but it was £20. I was on the verge of giving up when I spotted a Claire's Accessories. The windows were full of shiny, twinkly, pretty stuff, and as I remembered they did make-up, in I went.
Twenty minutes later, my pocket was £20 pounds lighter, but with that I managed to get loads of shiny gloop!
Yep, I actually bought some make-up today.
It was then I thought I'd overspent a bit, so I trundled off in the direction of a food store only to find that since my last trip to the shopping centre, a new shop had arrived and guess what they had on display, right by the door?
Weeny, ickle ducks wiv hearts on...
Yep, ducks.
Glitter Jelly Ducks, Yay!
Fahsands of 'em!
What with buying them, some more that I found in the Early Learning Centre, and a gorgeous new top from a Charity Shop, and some Buffy videos that I sniffed out, I am now very nearly skint...
But I do have new ducks, shiny new make-up, a new top and enough money to buy myself a drinkie somewhere, so it's not the end of the world, is it.
Is it...?
It's not often I go shopping to get something just for me (other than food) and as I said, I can't remember the last time I bought make-up, but there's a part of me that keeps telling me that I did a Bad Thing by treating myself, even though I haven't for a very, very long time.
But at least the ducks are happy in their new home, and I have just about enough left for food and electricity, but seriously, I don't like this guilty feeling one iota...
Does anybody else ever feel like this, and how do you deal with it if you do?
Answers if any in the usual place, please.