Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And once again my favourite day of the week rolls around.

Yes, today is the day to slip one to me, your friends, colleagues, relatives, and even your pet should the urge take you!

And the bigger the better I say; think about it for a while, imagine how you can make it as desirable as possible so that the recipient will enjoy, luxuriate in the splendour even, with the memories of the moment forever impinged in their cerebral cortex.

You know you want to get the big one in, don't you...? The one that everybody will be talking about in the office/salesroom/pub/institution for time immemorial, the one that will go down in history, as you go down on my box.

So, get to it my lovelies, give it to me hard, fill my box until I get that 69 again.

Your photo for today's Caption Competition is -

So over to you. There's a bottle of baby oil going for every entry, and a power bar available should anybody have enough stamina to 69 me.

Get. In. There.