Thursday, April 03, 2008

rant (For additional rant posted at 16:09 hours, plz to scroll down)

I've been called a few things in my time, not all of them complimentary, but there is one 'title' I abhor, and that is 'Madam'.
I know that many companies train their staff to call customers 'Sir' and 'Madam', and probably most folk don't think twice about it, in fact for some men I know it's the only time they get called 'Sir' without hearing 'Please leave now' after it.
But 'Madam', really pisses me off gets my goat.
If anybody cares to look up the definition of the word, they will find that it refers to either a married woman, or a keeper of a brothel, and last time I checked, I am neither.
Once when I said to someone that I didn't like being called madam, I was asked what I'd prefer to be called. I replied that I'd rather not be referred to as anything really, that way no offence can occur, after all for some men, being called 'Sir' might offend, as in the British Armed Forces addressing an NCO as "Sir" is incorrect, and the almost universal response to such an address is "Don't call me sir, I work for a living".
So please, next time you go to address somebody, think first. After all, it could be me you're talking to and just don't call me madam, okay?


Additional, 16:09 hours.
To the neighbour who lives across the road from me that starts to practise playing drums at approximately 16:00 hours ever day from Monday to Friday, with occasional Saturday practise at any hour of the sodding day, please, stop.
You've reached your peak, trust me. I know drumming; hell I've even dated a few 'big name' drummers in my time, and please, please believe me when I tell you you ain't going to get any better, no matter how often you wake me and the rest of the neighbourhood up from a nap, or whatever else the rest of the neighbours do at around four in the afternoon.
So for the love of all known gods, stop it, now, before I come over and show you a trick I learnt to do with a drumstick from a rather famous drummer who played with a heavy metal band not renowned for their cheery, amenable disposition, akay?
Thank you.