Monday, April 07, 2008

Is it just me, or does anybody else have a problem with Mondays?
It seems that nearly every Monday recently, something has gone wrong, either with my 'puter, intermanet connection, or me, and today it's been me that's got the problem.
Yesterday was fine; I was up as soon as it started snowing (I think I have an internal 'snow alarm') and was up and about in full snowy-weather gear with camera set to shiny at about 8.30 am, and spent a couple of hours scampering around the local park taking clickage and catching snowflakes.
Then when I got back, I spent ages sorting out the clickage on my 'puter before uploading them, with plenty of tea and bikkits to warm me and get my calorie intake back up.
Then it was time to go meet the ex-partner-in-crime for a drinky before getting back home and settling down for a pleasant evening with some good friends, pizza and wine.
Everything was fine, everything worked, and I felt great.
Then came midnight, which meant Monday was here again.
First of all, I couldn't get to spleep during the night, and only visited the land of nod at about 7.00am. I tried to get up and switch the puter on at about 9.00am, but the electricity had run out, so shivering I trundled downstairs and put the emergency on, so that I could boot the PC and get my little oil radiator working.
Then I finally got to spleep on top of the bed by the puter, and didn't wake up again until after mid-day.
I tried to post, but my internet conection had gone again, so I went to the shops, did some stuff from my 'to do' list, got back and here I finally am.
With a headache from hell.
But apart from that, all's well here in W7, woohoo!
I think I might start a campaign to have Monday's cancelled.
Anybody with me?

Anyway, looking to the future, what do you want for tomorrow's entertainment?
Your choices are -

The Heimlich Manoeuvre, a demonstration.

As usual, choose wisely my cherubs, *cough*heimlich*cough*, and if anybody wants me I'll be under my duvet waiting for Tuesday.