Monday, April 14, 2008

Hello my lovelies, I hope you're all set for another wacky week in the blogosphere!
I think I am, as for once I've had a really nice start to the week, with the postman bringing me a pressie earlier.
Said pressie is from a fellow Flickrite in America who goes by the name winglessangel, and is also mad about rubber ducks.
I opened the envelope and found these darling little quackers inside -
Today, I'm mostly happy!
Aren't they sweet? Thanks again, winglessangel! You made my Monday! x
And as I already said, it's a lovely start to the week and I hope the rest of it carries on being fun as well.

Anyway, while you're choosing your entertainment for tomorrow, why don't you tell me how your Mondays have been, or have you had any unexpected nice things happen recently?
Your choices are -


Happy Mondays all round!