Monday, April 28, 2008

Hello again, my little marmosets, and I hope today finds you all bright eyed, bushy tailed, and eager for the week ahead!
I'm going to be a tad busier than usual as I've got a few bits that need doing over on my Flickr.
First of all, I have yet to finish my entries for this month's Scavenger Hunt; only about 10 or so more to get out 20 items with 3 days to go, so that should be fun. Plenty of time, surely...
Then sadly I'm coming to the end of my 365 Days project, which has been helping to keep me sane and get my brain ticking over for 358 days thus far.
So, I have only seven days left to do photos for. I'm trying to think of something extraordinary for the last one, but nothing I've come up with so far seems 'just right'. I don't suppose you lot have any ideas* do you?
Oh, and before I forget, I was asked a very strange question on Flickr the other day. Under one of my photos of one of my rubber duckies, some one asked "Why do you like this animal so much?"
I gave a simple answer, being "Because they're pleasing on the eye, easy to train, don't eat much and bring much fun and happiness into my life, asking little in return" but then I started thinking. Did the person mean just that particular duck, or all my rubber ducks, or rubber ducks in general. If they meant just that particular duck, have I done or said something that makes it appear that I hold that one in higher esteem than the others? If so, should I be apologizing to the rest of the ducks in case I've offended them? If I did favour any of my ducks, I'd have thought that anybody looking through my photo stream would feel that Aristotle would be the highest favoured as he's the most snapped on his own, or with other people, as well as being the most used model for stunts.
But I love all my duckies equally, it's just that Aristotle (being small in size but big in character) is the most suited to the job of 'Travel Duck', which is why he's photographed so much.
Maybe I should sit down with all my ducks and explain this to them before any jealousy or petty squabbles should arise.
Or maybe it's time to review my medikashun.

Anyways, while I'm pondering that matter, please to ponder your choices for tomorrow's entertainment which are -

Face the Fear.

When you've finished pondering, please leave your choice in the comments box below and then go get yourself something nice to eat and/or drink, then flop for a few minutes. It is Monday after all, and you need to get your strength up for the coming week, akay?


M x

*That do not include nudity or anything illegal.