Friday, April 11, 2008

And once again it's time for a little something for the weekend, w00t!
This Friday, I've had a sniff through my archives and dug out a game which hasn't been played for a couple of years, but proved wonderful fun the first time around.
Hopefully it'll bring as much mirth today.

Doubtless there are many among you who have heard the bloody awful timeless classic 'Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport' performed and written by Rolf 'Canya tell wot it is yet?' Harris, but if you haven't, you can have a listen to it here <- clicky. I'm assuming we're all on the same page now, so onto the fun bit. Over the years, some sick puppy clever person, started a filk on this song, replacing the lyrics of the chorus to;

'Bestiality's best, boys,
Bestiality's best (Shag a wallaby!*)
Bestiality's best boys,
Bestiality's best..."

The original filk verses are still doing the rounds, but whenever the song is sung** it has become 'tradition' for anybody who can think of something funny to add, may do so. Such as;

On the pull with a bull, boys,
On the pull with a bull (Shag a wallaby!)


Get your oats with a goat, boys,
Get your oats with a goat (Shag a wallaby!)

I'm sure you're all waay ahead of me on what your task is for today.
So get your wallabys out, and let's all have a bloody good sing-a-long, eh?

*Shouted loudly by all present.
**Normally late in the night, after many, many beers.