Friday, April 25, 2008

And it's Friday again, woo, and indeed hoo! as two whole days of weekend beckon.
I've been trying to get together a mass of fun things together for a Friday Fun Stuff Round Up, but all I've managed so far is a lovely story about a penguin which was sent to me this morning by one of my lovely readers, thanks Q!
A quick trawl through the intermanet finds me some weird and wonderful news, such as a six-legged kitten born in Florida, and a hedgehog in New Zealand being used as a weapon.
In strange human related stories, police in Norfolk have banned kids from buying ketchup, and a drunk bloke in Indiana nearly got squashed to death.
But my favourite story has to be the one about the elderly woman in Florida who found something unusual in her kitchen. Even if you've seen this, it's worth watching again. Personally, I'd have asked what it wanted.
Some more click find some daft games you might want to try, the first is Ice Cream Mania, followed by Rainbow Web, and finally Village Defense. Oh, and for something completely different, try this!. Hours of fun to be had, trust me.
And of course, now the coffee's done it's thang and my brain is in some sort of gear, your entertainment for the weekend is a rousing game of 'Never Ending Story', which is played by me writing the first sentence of a story in the comments box, and then you lot taking it in turns to carry on the tale, one sentence at a time.
Ready, set, GO!
And have a fabulous weekend while you're at it, akay?