Friday, March 21, 2008

This post has taken me rather longer than usual to type today; the reason being is that I have someone demanding all my attention.
He's absolutely gorgeous - rather younger than myself, but we clicked the moment we met, and ever since we've been cuddling up together whenever we get a chance.
Last night we went to bed early, but I still didn't get much spleep as he kept waking me up with his demands.
I could have said something, but I simply can't resist him. I even shared my dinner with him last night, and that's something I very rarely do.
Sadly though, we both know it's only going to be a fleeting fling as he has to go back to stay with the other woman in his life after the bonk bank holiday.
But I'm not going to dwell on that just now; I've got a weekend of wonderful things to do planned, such as snuggling in front of an open fire together watching a daft movie and sharing popcorn, a steak and prawn dinner tomorrow night, and of course, plenty of hours just shnuggling.
He's even let me photograph him to my hearts content, while he's wearing nothing at all.

What's that? You want to see a photo of him?

Oh, alright then, here you go -

This is one of us together,
Today,* I have a friend of mine staying

This is one of him polishing off my fish fingers last night,
Fred likes fish fingers

And this one's of him on my bed,
I think I've been relegated to the sofa

You can see now why I can't resist him, eh?

So that's pretty much my weekend planned, but I have noticed by looking at my calendar that Chocolate Sunday is coming up, so to get you in the festive mood, I've dug out something from my archives for you to peruse.
It's an important warning for you all, so I thought it worth repeating.

Welcome to, Misty's Nature Corner!.

Today, we shall be looking into the life and habits of a rare, and terrifying wild beast, the Pascha Cuniculus, commonly known as the Easter Bunny.
This elusive creature is thought to mainly inhabit wildlands, called Shopping Centres, and survives mainly on humans who are either to weak or tired to defend themselves, and have managed to stray from their packs, known as 'Shoppers'.
Pascha Cuniculus, was thought in the past to only show itself for a couple of weeks per year, maximum, when the season was right for it to blend in with Easter Foliage and so, which it would use as camouflage whilst lying in wait for its prey. But now, due to climate change and global warming, the Easter season has been known to start as early as January, with the first signs, such as Creme Eggs, sprouting on shelves at the beginning of the month.
Occasionally, Pascha Cuniculus will adorn itself with a variety of bows, and carry a small basket laden with chocolate droppings, in order to tempt the unwary into its trap.
if you should spot one of these savage beasts, your best defence is to either run as fast as you can away from it, (check you have a clear escape route first) or to lie flat on the ground covering as much of your face as possible, as this might convince the bunny that you are already dead, and therefore not as much fun to attack.
Signs that an Easter Bunny is around, include small scraps of tin foil scattered around pellets of dropping that smell of chocolate, blood splatters on the floor and walls of shopping malls, and bare bones with large pointy teeth marks gouged into them strewn around the locale.

Happy Chocolate Sunday, to One and All!