Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Muchos, muchos apologies, and as soon as I finish typing this, I will flagellate myself with some strands of wet spaghetti, as once again I've been crap at posting.
My only excuse today, is that I was awake most of last night due to the return of the 'Unexplained Scratchy Thing In The Attic', and every time Fred and I heard a noise, we'd both wake up and it took us ages to try and get back to spleep.
So this morning, we decided to just lie in bed with Fred cuddled up to me on my tummy or chest, as also, he has to go back to his human in a few hours.
I'm really going to miss having him about.
I know he's only been here a short while, but during that short time, we've settled into a routine, and I know he trusts me big time, as not only will he let me give him his medicine without much fuss, but he trusts me enough to spleep on top of me.
So anyway, this morning was spent shnuggling Fred and then I remembered I had to go and pay some bills and so which meant I had to leave him for a while (sniff) and it's only now that I've had a chance to post something.
And it's the last time I can do so with a small cat sitting on my lap and purring like an outboard motor.
Anyhoo. Thanks to the Bonk Holiday, I didn't get to do a Monday Choose-O, so you're getting it today, you lucky, lucky readers!
Your choices are -


There is also a high probability that a Caption Competition will be on the cards tomorrow as well.

So, choose now, and choose wisely!

I'm going to cuddle a small cat while I still can...
Fred wanted my undivided attention...