Monday, March 17, 2008

I had a nice thing happen over the weekend. No biggy, just something that restored my faith in humans a little bit more.
I went to shops to get a few essentials and when I'd grabbed all my stuff I went to the till to find three other shoppers in front of me.
The chap at the till was taking his time over paying, and the two blokes behind him (and in front of me) were grabbing a few extra odds and ends while they waited.
The first bloke took a couple of choccy bars and said to his friend "You'll have one of these, won't you?"
The second chap replied that no, he wouldn't, as he didn't eat chocolate.
A small argument ensued, so to try and lighten the mood a little I said politely that if he really didn't want the chocolate, I'd be more than happy to have it if it would help settle the dispute.
This made the blokes laugh, and the non-chocolate eater said that the reason why he didn't want the choccy was that it brought him out in spots. I sympathised, and said it must be horrible to like eating something but weren't able to do so without a problem.
Anyway, by that time the first chap had finished paying for their shopping, and with a smile handed me the 'unwanted' chocklit, adding that he was pleased to know it was going to someone who really appreciated it.
I smiled all the way home whereupon I took my shoes off, made a cuppa, and sat down and very happily scoffed my freebie treat.
I think the world would be a far better place if more folks gave me away choccy treats to random people*

Anyway, tis Monday, which means it's Choose-O day, and your options for tomorrow's entertainment are:


Choose wisely my darlinks, and while your placing your vote, tell me all about your weekend.

*Like me.