Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Once upon a time, Misty went on holiday to Portugal.
She went there with a then boyfriend and they stayed in a lovely town in the Algarve called Albufeira. It was a wonderful place for a holiday, and Misty spent lots of time scampering about on the beach or playing in the swimming pool during the day, and then had some serious chill out time in the evenings when they'd go to a restaurant or a bar for some delicious local foody delights.
There were also lots of interesting places to see such as castles and museums, and to Misty's delight, even some nice shops to be found.
Most of these shops were in the main square in Albufeira, and one evening they decided to take a stroll around the town before choosing somewhere to eat.
The square was busy with people shopping and drinking in open bars, tasty scents of food being cooked wafted from restaurants, and all around folk were generally milling as the sun slowly languished it's journey to the horizon.
As they wandered about the square they noticed some street entertainers and buskers, mostly doing magic acts or singing crap,late 80s rock songs, but one thing Misty didn't notice was a clown.
Now, not many people know this, but one thing that seriously gives Misty the wiggins, is clowns.
Clowns, as far as Misty in concerned, are evil and should be destroyed, slowly and painfully, and preferably pelted with razor filled custard pies in the duration.
Anyway, this clown that Misty hadn't noticed, was doing it's best to entertain people by walking behind then and copying their behaviour, ie; if the person stopped and wiped their glasses, so would the clown, and so on and so forth.
Now, Misty had told the boyfriend that she was going to look some jewellery in a shop further on, and he said that he'd catch her up.
He came out of the shop he's been in to see to his horror, that the clown was walking behind Misty, and thus far Misty hadn't noticed.
Misty was walking towards the boyfriend and she waved at him to make sure he'd seen her.
He started waving as well, not to Misty, but to the clown behind her to try and get him to stop.
There was quite a crowd watching the clown's antics by this time, and they began laughing at the boyfriends antics which only encouraged the clown to get even closer behind Misty.
That was the most stupid thing the clown could have done.
Misty was puzzled as to why her boyfriend was waving and shouting at something behind her, and naturally turned round to see what was going on, only to come face to face with a scary-arsed clown.
Misty's natural instincts took over and a split second later the clown was lying on it's back, unconscious and bleeding from under it's red nose, and Misty's right hand was covered in slap from the clowns face.
The children in the crowd laughed and cheered, (as did a fair few of the adults) as Misty walked away into the darkening twilight as fast as her paws could carry her.
Luckily (more so for the clown) their paths didn't cross again for the rest of the holiday.


So, that's the story about the clown; I hope you enjoyed it.
And now, as promised, here's a photo for another Caption Competition.

As it's Double Entendre Day, I want you to give my box a thorough stuffing, and as a reward, there's a lollipop going for every entry, and a toffee apple available should I get a 69.
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