Sunday, April 22, 2007

Woe, worry, and sorrow.

I'm not having the best of times. Firstly, my camera has decided to give up the ghost and although it can just about take a piccy, the screen doesn't work anymore. As I don't go anywhere without my old Olympus and taking clickage is one of the things that keeps me sane these days, you might understand how frustrating this is for me.
And I'm worried about a friend of mine. Last week, I got one of those 'messages in the hindbrain' and as I don't have a phone number for said friend, I called anyone I could think of that might have seen him, but they all said they hadn't, and not to worry. But then I saw my friend's son a couple of days ago and asked him where his dad was, only to find out that he hadn't seen him in over a week, and was very worried about him too. I hate it when I'm right about that sort of thing, and I can only hope he's okay.
And of course, I'm worried witless about Pudsey. We went for a walkie yesterday, and before we got out of the garden she'd thrown up. Being the little trooper she is, she decided to take me to the Dell, but the usual scampering and frolicking was out the window. What's normally a five minute run took half an hour, and she had to have lots of cuddle stops en route.
And last night I forgot to put the plastic-lined picnic blanket on her side of the bed, and awoke to find she'd had a couple of leaky accidents during the night. Poor puppy.
At least I now have a working washing machine so that I can clean the bedding.

Anyway, enough of my being sorry for myself, scroll down to the Friday post and get me to a 69 somebody. I need cheering up.