Friday, April 20, 2007

Have I Got Gnus For You!

The title might give you a clue to what's in store today. As I'm still looking after a rather stoned Pudsey*, I haven't been able to get the usual Friday Fun Stuff round up sorted, so on this 700th post**, we're going to play The Gnu Game!
In the same stylee of the Wombat/Zebra games, you take a film title or TV show, and simply switch one of the words in it, such as:

Eat Drink Man Gnu
The Elephant Gnu
Gentlemen Prefer Gnus
The Gnus of Wrath
The Boondock Gnus
It's a Wonderful Gnu
The Gnus of Navarone (courtesy Scaryduck)
Raging Gnu
Apocalypse Gnu
Reservoir Gnus

And so on.
Thinking caps on plz, off you go.

*She's doing well, but keeps staring at me as if to say 'Why are there two of you there?'
**w00t, eh?