Friday, April 06, 2007

The Friday Fun Stuff Round Up*

Hurrah for weekends, and double hurrah for one's that involve lots of chocolate, eh?
Hopefully I've got a selection of goodies of the less calorific, but just as enjoyable kind for you all today, and the first thing you might want to get your teeth into is an old favourite of mine, being the Honda Grrr Game! Cute, ickle bunny rabbit blowing things up, what more can you want in life?
Something else too, you say? Alright, howzabout a rousing game of Orca Slap? Oh yes, splat those pesky penguins...

Onto a couple of things to get the old grey matter ticking over, this quiz might reveal a bit about you -

Are You Bipolar?

It certainly did about me.
And if you are a dedicated 'Momentary lapses of insanity...' fan, you might like to test your knowledge with another 'How much do you know about Misty?' quiz.

Next up for your entertainment, is something that Pudsey helped me to write, and it's -
10 Warning signs your Dog has learnt to use your PC.
10. Mouse covered in mud
9. Wet nose prints all over the screen
8. Instead of saying 'You have mail' your PC barks
7. Your MSN account has been changed to ' '
6. Your credit card has been used to make numerous online purchases at DogWorld
5. Emails from someone named Rover
4. Pointer changed from an arrow to a bone
3. Screen saver shows a cat trapped in a tree
2. Bonio crumbs all over the keyboard
1. Instead of windows start up music it now plays ' Who let the dogs out'
And no pressure, but you might want to toddle over to my latest bloggy thing what I've doned. If you do, let me know what you reckon, eh?

And finally, what would a Friday be without a 'Spot the Difference Competition?
Answers, if any, in the usual place please.
Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

*Everybody say 'Woohoo!'