Thursday, April 26, 2007

A couple of weeks ago I told you that Pudsey and I had been avidly watching The Underdog Show on telly. Every week we rooted for our favourite little dog Casper and his 'handler' Huey Morgan as they paid little respect for the judges votes, and instead won the hearts of the viewers with their antics.
Sadly, they didn't win the final, but came in second which was brilliant as Casper hadn't given a toss about the training, preferring instead to do his own thang whenever he wanted with the encouragement of Huey.
Now the whole point of the programme was to raise awareness of the plight of homeless dogs all over the country, many of which have been abandoned, and on many a sad occasion, badly mistreated, and it's certainly worked.
I've had recycled dogs nearly my whole life, and would never go to a pet shop or breeder to get a £500, 'specially bred kennel club member, when there's a kind, faithful, furry friend out there that desperately needs a loving home, and while watching the show, Pudsey and I decided we'd try and adopt Casper.
We waited until the night of the finals to see if Huey would take him home, as he'd said that they'd become great pals and Huey wanted Casper to go to a place where he could visit him, but as he didn't say he was adopting him, we gave it a shot and called Harefield the next day.
I had the spiel all planned about how he'd get a wonderful home, with a big sister to adore him, large garden, parks just across the road, full sofa privileges, all the pizza he could want for, and I even had a spare room ready for Huey whenever he wanted to visit, but we were too late, Casper had already gone to a loving home.
The lady on the phone told me that they had plenty more 'smallies' looking for such a place, but I explained that right now, my attentions were all for Pudsey, but that Casper had that special something that would have fitted in here.
I will be going to Harefield someday after Pudsey goes to the great doggy-park in the sky, but not now.

I still wonder what life would be like with that cheeky face and bad-ass, don't give a damn attitude in my life though.
Do you think I should call back and see if I can adopt Huey?