Friday, March 30, 2007

This Friday morning finds me at the tail end of a small victory, but at a cost.
As regular readers will know, my local pub got refurbished a while ago, and with the new, shiny, clean atmos, came shiny, new prices for the drinks. Sadly, the price of wine got hoiked into the 'get a mortgage before going out for a drink' category, which meant that I could scarce put up with the ex-partner-in-crime's moaning about the cost of getting me a drink.
But, last night, I decided to try and put things right, and after pestering the new guv'nor I now get my wine at a special* rate, as do all my friends who drink it, woohoo!
I have a hangover now, which is the cost, but on the plus side, I think I got chatted up last night too.** Does anybody know of a good hangover cure?

Anyway, onto the Friday Fun Stuff!
First up is something for all the 'puter geeks out there. Rikaitch posted this set of questions a couple of days ago, and being being rather nerdy about such things, I had a pop at answering them. According to Rik, I didn't get them all correct (AOL does stand for Ar*eholes on line, doesn't it?) and he asked me to see if you lot can do better.

Next, I need your help in the matter of 'The naming of a Duck'.

This photo shows the two rubber duckies who accompany me at all times. On the right is Aristotle, a celebrity in his own right after his many adventures. On the left is 'Aristotle's friend'. Aristotle's friend needs a name.
Over to you.

Moving onto today's game, any Pastafarians among you will have oodles of fun with Flying Spaghetti Monster, the Game! I warn you now though, it's addictive.
And finally (as I have to go and find and lie down now) no Friday would be complete without a 'Spot the Difference Competition', so without any more preamble, I give you -

Have a wonderful weekend everybody, and if anybody wants me, I'll be under my duvet.

*Reasonable, and almost a pound less than it was, yay!
**I could be wrong though. I am unfamiliar with that sort of thing these days.