Saturday, March 10, 2007

I'm ba-ack!

Sorry about yesterday, but a) the 'puter went wonky, and b) other things happened.
After getting to bed at stupid o'clock on Friday morning, I woke up after three hours spleep, posted up the Rubbery tale over at Scaryduck's as per request*, then went to post up the usual Friday Fun Stuff round up and Blogger refused to let me. I tried a few more times before my brain went on the blink but to no avail, and then the electric on the meter ran out. Add to that the fact that I have lost my mobile somewhere** which means I don't have my important phone numbers anymore, it was not a good day***
Anyway, I went back under the duvet and stayed there.
Which was nice.

*He was doing something which meant he wouldn't be near a PC. I daren't think what.
**Possibly 'picked up' by someone in the 'not-my-regular-pub' on Thursday night, Gah!
***Also means that if the person who I was out with on Thursday night tries to call, they're going to get a message saying 'This phone is switched off' which will probably make them think that I'm ignoring him, which I am not. Double Gah!

PS. Quentin: Yes.