Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday News and Fun round up

First of all, a huge Thank you to those that contributed to the 'Helping Pudsey Fund' in our latest hour of need. She's been to the vets, and has been topped up with her various medicines, and although she's still ill, is stable for now and is back to bouncing up and down like a hare on speed when she sees the lead at walkie time. Her appetite is also good, and she's wolfing down chicken and turkey like there's going to be rationing in the future. Again, Thank you, and a huge woof from Pudsey! x

I should have mentioned this a while back, but thanks to the generosity of a fellow Flickrite who wishes to remain anonymous, my Flickr account has been extended for another year, so a big, big Thank you to 'R'.

Your prayers would be welcome today for my camera though, as yesterday I was happily clicking away, when the lens decided to go 'on strike'. It now refuses to work, and the lens won't budge at all. I am taking it to a digital camera place later today to see if it can be saved. I do have a spare camera, but it's just not the same as my 'old faithful' that I'm very used to using, and my pocket feels empty without it.

Anyway, on to the Fun Stuff, and first up is Hamster Sudoku! for hours of furry fun. Ever fancied playing at being Indiana Jones? Then Dr Carter and the Cave of Despair could be just the ticket - mind that pesky lava though. Purile poo humour more your style? Then Dungfoo Donkey is the game for you, and if saving penguins from panicking is how you get your kicks, then go no further and clicky here!

And of course no Friday would be complete with a little something for you to get your thinking caps on for, and by popular request*, today sees the return of the Zebra Game!
For those that haven't played before, what you do is think of a film title, and simply replace one of the words in it for the word 'Zebra', like -

For a Few Zebras More
Zebras with Mussolini
James and the Giant Zebra
The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and her Zebra
A Clockwork Zebra
The Zebras of Wrath
The Zebra Vanishes
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Zebra
Bang the Zebra Slowly

So, over to you, and have a wonderful Friday y'all!

*Two people wanted it back.