Monday, March 26, 2007

Bonjour mes petits choux, and welcome to another wonderful week in the Blogosphere!
For my part, I am relaxed but achey and a tad bruised after spending my weekend running around in a forest and randomly attacking people. The first do of the year always brings out the 'owies' the next day, but is was definitely worth it, and you should have seen the other guys.
But after a cosy Sunday evening spent sharing a roast dinner with my little dog then vying for space on the sofa with her, I'm up and raring to get on with the week and so shall ask you to choose-o from the following for tomorrow's entertainment.

Emergency Stop.
Cock Fighting.
Body of Evidence.

And how are you all doing? Did anybody else get up to fun things over the last few days? Tell me all... I won't tell anybody else, I promise...