Friday, February 02, 2007

More Friday Fun Stuff!

Yep, once again I have rounded up my favourite games and so, in order to get you in the mood for the weekend*
To start you off, if you've ever wondered what your name is in Russian, plz to follow this link. (nsfw)
If you fancy destroying a website, click here. I recommend the alien attack.
For those of you who like a flutter, try the thrills and spills of Racing Pants here, or if not, you may want to Cat Proof your computer by clicking here.
As it's ages and ages before the DAS season starts up again, I've been amusing myself by playing this game recently to keep my plundering needs sated, but if you fancy something a little more cute and fluffy, then this game might just be ideal.
And if all that hasn't whipped you up into a frenzy of excitement, I have just the thing to get you going. Please to put your thinking caps on, and join me in compiling the definitive list of 'Worst Things To Say On A First Date'. To start you off, here's some I made earlier -

Would you like to see my aubergine collection?
Do you think green or pink for the bridesmaid's dresses?
How much do you earn?
I can't go to that restaurant because of the ASBO restrictions.
I brought my grandfather along with us, he's in this urn.
Does my cauliflower look big in this?
I thought we could go speed dating together.
Run! They've seen us!
Gods, you're far uglier than I was led to believe.
Sorry I'm late, I had a 'mare of a job getting the tag off my leg.

As always, I'm sure you can do far better.

*Translation - I can't think of anything to write about.