Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Here we go again, and I'm not just talking about Double Entendre Day.
Today is the most hideous day of the year for single people, being St. Valentine's.
All I've mostly read about in magazines for the last fortnight are tips and hints on 'How to Romance Your Man', and 'How to Keep the Man of your Dreams', and 'Make This the Most Memorable Valentine's Day Ever!'.
Granted, there are a few snippets from sad-acts on 'How to enjoy Valentine's Day while Single', but they mostly involve finding another single friend who's as sad as you are, and going out to a restaurant surrounded by smug couples, and laughing at them to show you're fine and dandy.
Meh. Not my scene.
Not that I'm 'Sad' that I'm single, far from it. I'd far rather be on my own than with one of the usual psychopathic, cheating, emotional fu*kwits that I've been with in the past. It would, I admit, be nice to be dating a man at least as sane as I am*, but the chances of that happening are as much as being hit by a meteorite at my age, so I think it's best to stay in, just in case.
My point today, is that VD, is well overrated. Over priced chocolates and ill fitting underwear are not the most romantic of gifts, and will only end in tears, as my photo for today's Caption Competition proves:

Eschew Valentine's Day. You have been warned.
Oh, and there's a crappy, mass-produced card with sentimental tat in it for every comment left.


*That really is asking a lot.