Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Q & A Time

1. Prince Harry has completed all his army training, and apart from flunking a basic PC skills exam, is now set to serve with the British Army in Iraq. How long will it be before he is shot by friendly fire when someone in the USAF thinks that the HRH on the top of Harry's tank, stands for 'Hit Right Here'?

2. (And a two part question) It's the time of year when many bloggers are in a frenzy about the BritBlog Awards. Scaryduck has already been nominated, and my questions are:
a) If he wins any money, should he give me a cut for covering for him while he went off to sun himself on a beach in Spain, and b) is anybody going to nominate me...? *flutters eyelashes*

3. Does the fact that I've had two incredibly erotic dreams about Noel Edmonds recently, mean that I should change my medication?

4. Some people have been talking about making London the Capital of the UK, and choosing another place to be the Capital of England. Where would you choose, and why?

And finally, 5. Can you tell my ar*e from my elbow?