Monday, January 15, 2007

Wotcha groovers! And welcome to another Monday!

I promised myself I was just going to tell you all about a nice thing that happened to me yesterday, but sadly I am still rather ranty about what's happened to my new, whizzy modem, which should have gotten to me last December.
The previous one that was dispatched, was declared AWOL after being delivered to the wrong address, signed for by the driver*, then for some stupid reason sent on Birmingham, then Chichester before being officially stated as lost. The replacement should have arrived at mine last Friday, but despite my being in all day, I have since discovered that my modem was once again delivered to the wrong address, and refused delivery by person(s) unknown.
It is now being held in a depot in West London.
I have a tracking number, but when I went to the Arselforce website and tried to arrange a redelivery, I found I had to enter the date shown on the card I was informed I had had delivered through my door when I was out of the house, which I didn't get, because it went to the wrong fecking address, again!
Today, I will mostly be on the phone, cursing Arselforce, and hopefully trying to get my whizzy new modem, so that I can at last receive my missing emails.
Folks, your tip of the year, is don't ever, ever, use Arselforce!

Anyhoo, on to the nice thing that happened yesterday.
I've mentioned before about me being into Fungi, and how I was dreading getting to be known as 'The mad woman that hunts mushrooms'.
Well, it seems that that has already happened.
Yesterday, Pudsey and I set off on our Sunday Mushroom Hunt, whereupon we traipse around the park checking on logs and fallen trees, that we know bear fungi, so that we can check what's occurring and take photos of the fungi as the weeks go by.
We approached our favourite 'Oyster log', and I was busy snapping away at the 'shrooms while Pudsey performed her log balancing trick, when a young boy ran up to me and asked "Are you the lady that knows about the mushrooms?"
I figured that I must be the only girl in the area that a) wears distinctive wellies, b) carries a camera, c) is accompanied by a log-balancing doggy, and d) trudges around logs in mud searching for mushrooms, so I replied, "Err, yes. I probably am..."
He whooped with delight, and asked me to show him which were the mushrooms he could eat, as his friend had told him all about them, and he wanted to try them too.
I pointed out the oysters, and he filled his pockets to take home to his mum, before asking me to show him any others in the locale, and then gave Pudsey (the amazing balancing dog) a cuddle, and running off home.
Just call me 'dances with fungi'...

Anyway, before I sign off, please would you be so kind as to pick a tale for tomorrow from the following options, being;

Emergency stop.
Wake up call.
Educating Misty.

Thank you kindly.

Also, how were your weekends?

*D. Chetwind - I will track you down, mark my word!