Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Well, today is Wodenstag which means yet another Double Entendre Day. Rah, and indeed w00t! I hear you cry as you rush to slip one to the nearest person.
Today however, is also a bit more special than normal, as tomorrow is Burns' Night, and I will be celebrating here with a veritable feast of whisky and haggis!
But, as I said, that's tomorrow, so for now I shall try and get you all in the mood with the photo for today's Caption Competition, being -

Plz to get stuck in, as there's a lick of a haggis for every entry, and a dram of whisky for the person that gets me to a 69.

Extra, 08:04 hours. I woke up early and I'm too excited to go back to spleep, as the world outside is all white and snowy, hurrah! Before I grab my camera (which is set to shiny) I shall start a snowball fight, and give you this to play with. Enjoy!