Friday, January 26, 2007

Today finds me most excited and doing my happy dance!
Yesterday, I posted a piccy of a map of my stomping ground on Flickr, and not only has it already been viewed 193 times and 'faved' by 6 people, The Londonist spotted it and wrote a feature on it!
Also, another Flickrite, Bootpainter, suggested starting up a Handmade Cartography pool, and that led others into asking for one too, so I suppose I had to make it happen.
Plz to have your crayons at the ready and join here!

Anyhoo, moving onto some Friday Fun Stuff, I have decided to start another game in the style of the Wombat/Zebra/Pants genre.
This time, it is the Haggis Game, and involves Titles of Musicals. What you do, is think of a musical, and substitute one of the words in it for Haggis (or Haggii if plural) like -

The Sound of Haggii
The Rocky Horror Haggis Show
My Fair Haggis
All That Haggis
Porgy and Haggis
Hedwig and the Angry Haggis
Half a Haggis
Paint your Haggis
Gentlemen Prefer Haggii
Haggis Haggis Bang Bang.

I'm sure you can do better, so off you go.