Sunday, January 07, 2007

I got a new mobile phone for Christmas. Well, it's second hand but new for me, as the ex-partner-in-crime got a free upgrade, and let me have his old one, which is only a year old.
It's a super whizzy phone too. It takes photos, can record stuff including music and anything else I want, has an array of snazzy ringtones to choose from, and also lots of games to play should I get bored.
If I so desire, I can link up the intermanet on it, and use various features such as the organiser and media thingy. It's also useful to make calls, and send texts, which is nice, and it might even be able to make me a cup of tea.
My wallpaper is a lovely piccy of Pudsey, and I'm going to record her barking to set as my text alert sound.


has anybody called me on it yet? Like feck.