Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Fun Stuff for the Weekend!
As many of you are probably whiling away the last few hours of Friday by sitting at a desk in a gods-forsaken office somewhere, I have rounded up some odds and sods that might bring a little cheer to your day!*
Firstly, if you haven't already joined in with the thrills of this season's Haggis Hunt, pop over here and see if you can bag a few!
Or if that's not your 'thang', you could try shovelling snow with this fun game that I found over at Rikaitch's place. Be warned though, I found it particularly addictive!
For some scary entertainment, I recommend this YouTube delight, that I stumbled upon in a comment left by Alan on Scaryduck's blog.
If you haven't already taken part in my poll on yesterday's post, a few minutes of your time would be appreciated to help further my research, or you could go have a look at a piccy I took that made 'Photo of the Day' at the Londonist last week.
Or you could go have a look at a photo of me with my tits out.
And if all that's not enough to stimulate you, I shall whip up your brains to overload with another 'Spot the Difference Competiton!'
Ready? Here you are -
Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!
*Or not. I thought they were fun though.