Monday, January 08, 2007

Ah, Monday again, and this one finds me trying to figure out why my email has once more gone tits pear shaped.
Every time I try to send and receive mail, a little box comes up telling me that my password has been rejected. Why this should happen I have no idea, as I have not changed it, in fact I haven't been anywhere near my accounts settings since the last time it ballsed up.
So unless Pudsey's been messing about with it, it should all be as I left it. So WTF is going on?
Answers via carrier pigeon, plz.

Anyhoo, to take my mind of my woes, why don't you all take a little time to Vote-o for tomorrow's story, eh? Your choices are:

Wake up call
Emergency stop
Wet vengeance

Choose wisely, my preciousess!