Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Oh frabulous day! Calloo, callay!

I'm back online again, woohooo! Did ya'll miss me? I've missed you lot loads, and indeed heaps!
I still haven't got my new modem yet*, but thanks to a very nice man at my new ISp place I can use my old one for now, hurrah!
But at least I can get online in the comfort of my own home, rah! I haven't managed to change over my email account thingy yet, but this'll do for now. You can't see me, but I'm doing my happy dance!
That last comment Dawn left must have done the trick! Thanks, Dawn, me darlin'!
I would also like to say Thank you to all who left festive wishes and 'get well' thoughts and prayers to Pudsey. She's doing well; walkies are getting longer than just across the road again, and yesterday we managed a nice long mushroom hunt in the park.
Also, big thanks to Scaryduck for holding the fort for me in my hour of need, and to all those who called with advice and help. I still think beating up someone at Parcelforce is my favourite option at the moment.
I hope you all had a wonderful, peaceful, and above all, happy festive season of choice, and I shall be catching up with you all via email or blogosphere asap!
Oh, it is soooo good to be back!
*Parcelforce delivered it to the wrong place. They have now declared it missing as the postperson can't remember where he delivered it, or who signed for it**