Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday Morning Blues

It's raining and cold outside, I have a headache that refuses to go away, I'm completely skint, Pudsey's just thrown up on my bed, and I've just realized there's only two weeks left before Christmas strikes again.
I ventured out to Tartarus* yesterday. Happy, trite festive music was playing to accompany the array of twinkly tat and displays of 'perfect gifts', and all around people were stocking up on turkeys, and gift wrap, and nuts, and cards.
I stopped to look at the pressie section for a while and saw what would have been the perfect gifts for my parents, but seeing as they're not around anymore it just made me feel sad. Every year my gift and card lists get shorter, which I suppose is useful if you're signed off with depression and are totally broke, but it's still sad.
I won't be alone at Christmas this year, but I still won't be waking up with someone special next to me to cuddle except for Pudsey.
I need happy right now. Plz to send lots of happy. And some disinfectant and painkillers too if you'd be so kind, thanks.

Anyway, tomorrow's story! What do want from the following?

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