Thursday, December 14, 2006

I've been reading through my posts from last year, and found my list of 'Things I'd Like To Do in 2006'. Not a list of 'resolutions', but it is as follows -

Take a photography course
Do another play (preferably a Discworld one)
Go horse riding again
Start shooting again
Go to fencing classes
Drive a tank
Go abseiling
Get the courtcase over with
Do my garden up
Have a long holiday somewhere
See the Aurora Borealis
Go in (or even fly) a helicopter
Make a proper kite from scratch
Visit my Wolf pack again

I've managed to do one thing on that list*, and I only have 18 days left to get the other 13 things done.
I also have to make and send my Christmas cards, get the house clean and shiny for Solstice, hunt down and buy various pressies, get the food shopping in, make sure Pudsey and myself have enough of our medicines in for the 'holidays', and all on top of the usual mundane day-to-day stuff that keeps getting in the way.
I don't really think I've got enough time to fit everything in.

What about you lot. Did you make any 'resolutions' or have things you wanted to do? Did you stick to them or do them? Tell me all!

*And that didn't fly very well.

PS. Thank you, Q!