Saturday, December 23, 2006

Hello everybody!

I've managed to get hold of a friend wot's got intermanet, but I ain'tent got long here, so I'll be brief.

First, Thanks for all the bestest wishes for Pudsey-pups: She had an internal bleed from her tumour, but luckily pulled through and is back to demanding treats and nice food, although walkies are rather shorter than usual right now.
She sends barks, wags and licks to all!

Second, I have discovered it is Parcelforce who are to blame for me not recieving my new modem which would enable me to get online, so I hope their worker who couldn't be ars*d to leave a card saying that 'While You Were Out, yada', gets what he deserves for being a cun git, and leaving me without internet access until the 27th. Gak.

I'm unlikely to get back online until after Christmas goes away, so I want to say 'Thank you to all of you, and hope you have a wonderful, happy, festive whatever you celebrate!'

I also know I've missed/am missing a few birthdays, so also 'A Happy Birthday to those wot know I would have sent an email if I could've!' *smooches*

Missing you all, loads!

I'll be back as soon as Parcelforce get their act together so's I can get my modem.

Happy Everything!

Love from Misty and Pudsey!