Saturday, December 30, 2006

Email woe.

Thanks to my still not receiving my whizzy new modem*, although I can get online, I still can't get to any emails sent to my 'private' addy.
Hopefully this will be rectified soon, but if anyone emailed me anything since the 21st December, I won't have got it.
My other email addy with which I receive many offers of money, cruises, and beast and peanut enlargements is still running however, so if anybody wants to contact me or re-send any emails, plz to send them to me via the 'Talk to me' link on my sidebar.

If anybody out there can help me with hints on how to recover my lost emails, that would be very much appreciated, btw!

Update, 13:21 hours. Email Joy!
I just got a call from the lovely Rikaitch, and he's gotten my emails up and running again, and joy of joys, I've recovered the missing emails, hurrah!
So I'm now going to read through all of them which may take me sometime...
Plz to shout 'Three Cheers for Rikaitch! Hip-hip-hooray!'

*Parcelforce = Shower of incompetent bastards gits.