Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bah, and indeed humbug.

It appears that the season of enforced jollity is again upon us. Once again there is no escaping the Cacka-cola adverts featuring a fat, scary man in red and inexplicable fauna, and all around, shops are festooned with twinkly, shiny tat. The television channels are screaming their views as to what we should want to buy, and in three weeks time we will be seeing the first of the Boxing Day Sales and Holiday Adverts. w00t.
Am I going to jump headlong into the spirit of festive cheer? Get teh fu*k I am.
Here's your piccy for today's Caption Competition -
There's a lump of coal satsuma and sherry for every stocking filler left in my box.*

PS. A certain someone has been taking my image in vain, again.

*Oh, alright. I may be feeling a tiny bit festive. But not much, okay?