Thursday, November 23, 2006

Things I got for my Birthday

5 new ducks, 3 submarines, 1 bottle of Mead, 1 bottle of Chablis, 1 bathbomb, 3 cards, 1 book on mushrooms, a brace of badgers, a 69, and flu.*

I had a lovely birthday; one of those days where everything goes nicely and was topped off by being taken out for a meal at one of my fave restaurants, huzzah!
But then, this morning, after two days of trying to fight a general feeling of malaise, I have flu. This is not fun, and it certainly wasn't on my Wish List.
As a result, my brain has turned to peanut butter, and I can't think of anything witty or erudite to entertain you with today**. So here's the plan. You tell me your favourite, or naffest joke(s) to cheer me up. I'll start you off with:

Q. What's pink and hard?

A. Pig with a flick-knife.

I'm going back under the duvet now.

Extra, 18:45 hours. I've just been informed that one of my photos got used in The Londonist yesterday. Fame and fortune can only be just around the corner! *sneeze*

*And I know there's something else in the post :-D Thanks all of you! You know who you are :)*smooches*
**Nothing new there then.