Monday, November 06, 2006

Rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. I've just been having 'one of those weekends'.
Friday and Saturday were spent dosing myself up with as much anti-cold stuffs as I could lay my paws on, before wombling off to meet up with some members of the Ealing Flickr Group and heading off to watch the fireworks display at Ealing Cricket Club. I managed to stay coherent, and also got some lovely clickage of which I am rather proud.
But if things are going well, something will invariably turn up to put a spanner in the works, and sure enough, just as we arrived at the pub for after-clicky-drinkettes, my mobile rang. Twas the ex saying that a house guest had turned up a week early, and where was he supposed to put him? Oh, and also, house guest had left the gates open and Pudsey had decided to go for a walk on her own, and should he go and look for her, or just wait for her to come back? Resisting the urge to scream and swear loudly, I suggested he stick the house guest in the b middle room and then go look for Pudsey, pronto. Luckily for him, she decided to come back after five minutes or so. She still hasn't told me where she went, but I found another empty fried chicken carton in the garden on my return.
So Sunday. Started well, leisurely morning followed by a walkie with house guest and Pudsey to a pub for Sunday lunch, then back to flop and watch film whilst sorting clickage before starting on Sunday dinner.
That was the plan anyway.
The daytime part went well, but just as I'd started cooking, my 'puter had another hissy fit, and the ex came up and said 'Erm, we appear to be having a crisis'.
And he wasn't wrong.
The small leak coming from the radiator in the bathroom had decided to turn into a full blown burst, and the room was awash with hot brown water. I managed to get it almost under control with a pile of towels and a couple of large bowls, but the water would not stop, and cooking and eating was made extra fun by having to dash upstairs every fifteen minutes to swap and empty the bowls.
Eventually the ex managed to get it to stop by switching all the water off and draining the remaining water from the tank.
So I am now sitting here typing on a manic computer and have no water or heating.
Still, I do have very well bled radiators in every room.
Extra, 11:42 hours. Here's the offending radiator.

How were your weekends?

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