Thursday, November 02, 2006

The other day I got a call from a friend of mine asking me if I could do some sign writing at his pub. As I like doing colouring in, I said yes, I'd love to, and we arranged the time and place for him to pick me up, as the pub was rather a distance away from here.
The day arrived, and I couldn't get hold of a dog-sitter for Pudsey, so I asked if he'd mind her coming along with me.
"She's no trouble" I said, "She's small and well behaved, and she's used to pubs already"
"Fine" he replied, and I loaded Pudsey into the car.
Of we went, with Pudsey happily looking out of the window, occasionally woofing at random sheep/dogs/trees.
As she's had problems recently with erm... leaking, I kept a close eye on her and prayed that her bladder would hold out and not ruin the back seat of the rather shiny and expensive land rover we were in.
Luckily, she managed to stay dry and finally we arrived at the pub.
I put Pudsey on her lead and followed my friend into his pub.
We entered, and the customers and bar staff looked at me.
"This is Misty, she's here to do the signs for me, and this is her dog, Pudsey"
I gave a little 'hello wave' and wondered why everyone was staring in my general direction.
I looked down and discovered the reason why.
Pudsey was in the middle of doing the most enormous dump.
Right on the carpet.
In full view of everybody in the pub.
Way to make a great first impression, eh?
Still, at least my friend was laughing as he passed me the dustpan and mop.
And he was very pleased with my sign writing too.
Which was nice.