Friday, November 17, 2006

Je ne regrette rien! Except maybe one thing...

A fair few moons ago I was mostly to be found somewhere in Ealing on a Saturday night. My friends and I normally frequented a pub up near South Ealing way, but on occasions there would be the excitement of a party in the locale.
These parties were generally held in squats, as most parents of my friends had the nous not to let a group of drunk and/or stoned persons have the run of their house. Very wise.
The parties would run long into the night and as many of my mates loved and played music, there would sometimes be jam sessions and swapping of song ideas and so.
There would also be people from other crowds at these soirees that I didn't know so well and they'd also join in with the playing. One chap in particular I'll always remember; he was about the same age as me with a cheeky grin and a cocky attitude, and cute though he was, he just wasn't my type at the time. I was into rock music, and he was into funk and skate boarding, which just wan't my scene. His name was Jason.
At one party he kept flirting with me and asked me out, but I kept saying no. I'd heard from a friend that he liked blondes rather too much, and had a string of girlfriends on the go as well, so I said no, not wanting to be just another notch on his bedpost.
I hadn't thought about those parties and him for many a year, but then a certain name and face kept popping into my consciousness via the media.

Jay Kay.

Founder of the band Jamiroquai

Now a multi-millionaire, and still cute with the same cheeky grin.


At least I can say that Denise van Outen got my cast-offs.

I've heard he's single again, and on the look out for a 'meaningful relationship' though.

So Jay - If you're reading this, I'm still blonde. And single...
Kiss me...

You lot got any regrets?