Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'm... coming up, so you'd better get this party started!

Then again, I'll probably be in for most of the day, but allegedly, there are plans to take me out later to feed me nice things, and give me drinkies, as today is not only Double Entendre Day, but also My Birthday!

I'll be spending today waitng by my door to see if anyone other than Audrey* has remembered and has decided to get me something nice off my Wish List, then Pudsey will be taking me for a walkie before din-dins. Yay!

Anyhoo, I know the reason you're all here is for the Caption Competition, so without further ado, here's your photo:

There'll be a slice of birthday cake for every entry in my box, and jelly and ice cream for the person wot gets me to my birthday 69!

Get stuck in me darlin's!

*'nk you! x