Monday, November 13, 2006

Although DAS weekends are wonderful fun, it is very nice to be home again.
Pudsey is still being spoilt rotten with continuing birthday celebrations, (I feel soooo guilty I wasn't here for the day) I am finding bruises in strange and new places where bruises should never be, I have yet to unload the car of it's burden of weapons and muddy kirtles, the fridge is full to bursting with pork and cider casserole, my house-guest is here until tomorrow morning and has retired to the safety of the spare room for now to avoid the mayhem, and I have a million and one trivial things to do such as pay bills before the bailiffs turn up.
And all I want to do is cuddle up next to my pup-pup and spleep until the aches disappear...

Anyhoo, as it's Monday, you get to choose a tale to entertain you for tomorrow, rah!
Your choices are:

A run down of the excitement of my weekend (includes horror and attempted maiming)
Back to Skool (includes teachers)
Chickenpox (includes woe for a teacher)
Fire alarm (includes spleep)

Choose. Now!