Thursday, October 05, 2006

Spank my inner muppet and call me Angus, but I've been excited about this for ages!*
I have a fab new game for you this weekend!
Well, I say 'new', but it's a variation on the Zebra/Wombat/Pants/Badger yada, that some of you will remember with great fondness.
But now, tis the Llama Game!, whereupon, you take a film/song/TVprog/musical/book title which has the word Love in it, and replace the word 'Love', for 'Llama'.
Examples are:

The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Llama
Llama in an Elevator
Goodbye My Llama
Radar Llama
How Deep Is Your Llama (C/O Scaryduck)
Lives and Llamas of A She Devil
From Russia With Llama
Llama Potion Number 9
Llama Thy Neighbour (C/O TXPIC)
Tainted Llama

So. Over to you lot. What you got for me then?

*Three days