Monday, October 02, 2006

Snippets from the Weekend.

Friday: Had to take Pudsey to the vets for a check up. She's getting used to the routine now, and walked into the surgery and promptly went to stand on the scales, bless her! Anyway, vet asked the usual questions such as how has she been, how's her appetite, and then asked 'How's her drinking?' to which I replied 'Well, she's off the vodka now'.

Saturday: Pudsey and I were invited out for a drink by the ex-partner-in-crime, so we trundled up to the local. I got there to find the ex chatting to a bloke, that unfortunately I recognized from ages ago, about the Dark Ages Society, of which we are members. After a while, he invites the bloke to come along. The bloke, fortunately, starts to make excuses and says he can't go. Ever. Which was absolutely fine by me. Eventually, the ex comes over to talk to me and Pudsey and I asked him WTF he was doing inviting said bloke to a DAS do, and had he suffered a massive head injury recently which might explain his behaviour. The ex looked very confused, and said 'Why on earth shouldn't he invite that bloke along?' to which I replied 'Don't you remember the Kebab Shop Fight?, that's the bloke that attacked me that I promptly beat up!'
'Oh!' said the ex, 'I thought he looked familiar'.
Anyway, it gave me a laugh realizing that the bloke knew he was being asked to come along and get beaten up by us, and others, and all of us armed. Shame he declined really.

Sunday: Got taken to the park by Pusdey. Pudsey decided to stop at the pond for a drink. Pudsey slipped and fell in. Right in the muddiest, deepest part. Pudsey couldn't get out again without help. I went in after her.
Got back, washed both of us. Did laundry.
Went to park again later. Got back to find police car outside house, and police officers scurrying around the embankment in my garden. Asked what was going on, to find out that apparently someone had been threatening to kill themselves either by jumping off the viaduct or in front of a train.
Had a lovely Sunday dinner, watched something on TV. Went and hid under duvet with back door firmly locked, and the chain in place on the front.

How was your weekend?

Also, what story do you want for tomorrow? Your choices are;

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